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Moving Checklist: A Bi-Weekly Schedule

  Moving is one of the most stressful and elaborate changes a person can make in their life! To avoid some stress, make sure you have a plan that involves continuous action. Planning ahead will do wonders for your mind and your move! We’ve broken down some of the most important things you should be doing and when, to help you plan your move. Set a budget . Sit down and organize how much you would like to spend on your move and come up with a firm budget. This budget should consider packing supplies, disposal of unneeded items you won’t be bringing with you, movers, cleaning services, child/pet care, and anything else you may need.  Purge before packing! Make three piles; donate, sell, and throw away. Take full advantage of platforms like Facebook Marketplace to sell any unused or unwanted items that are in good condition! Rent a dumpster for items you want to get rid of to save you time and effort! Have a bin rental delivered right to your driveway and toss in all types of junk all

How to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home

  Whether you are moving, renovating, or simply want to refresh the outside of your home, adding curb appeal is always a good idea! It adds to the overall look of the home, and can even increase the value. Most changes and upgrades are inexpensive and can be done yourself, and will go a long way! Check out these tips to add curb appeal to your home. Window boxes with well-maintained flowers dress up any home! If you have more than one window box, coordinate the colours of the flowers in each box to make sure there is symmetry, it will make the space look more put together. Adding or refreshing window shutters are also a great way to dress up your windows. If you are painting your shutters, coordinating the paint colour with the colour of the front door elevates the home. Dress up the front porch by adding a couple of simple elements. A simple bench or chair with a decorative pillow, a welcome mat, or even larger planter with flowers.  Paint your front door. There are two routes you cou

Tips for Designing a Home Office

  The most ideal situation for creating a home office would be having a separate room that can be transformed into an office (e.g. spare bedroom, mudroom), however this is not the case for everyone. It is important to have a separate space for working, especially when you are working from home. It increases productivity and helps to separate work and home life - especially when both home and work life happen in the same place. This is why carving out separate space is so important, even if that means using furniture, rugs, or paint to visually define different areas in the same room. Your work space doesn’t need to be overly big. As long as you can fit a desk, a chair and a few add-ons you will be all set. Make sure the furniture you choose is comfortable and ergonomic. The principle of ergonomics is simple; fit the environment to the person, not the other way around! Make sure that the furniture you choose is adjustable and/or will be the right fit for you and your space. If you’re bu