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Ideas for Optimizing Your Garage Space

Garages tend to accumulate a lot of junk that we never or rarely use. Your first step would be to sort through what you have stashed in your garage and organize into three piles; keep, toss, and donate. Consider using a bin rental to dispose of what you’ve decided to toss. Things tend to be thrown in the garage because they are bulky or messy. If you’re looking to avoid loading your own car with these materials, a dumpster rental is an excellent solution. Our different bin rental sizes hold the equivalent of three to eight truck bed loads! Even after you get rid of your garbage, you will most likely still have lots of clutter left. Analyse what you are left with and start planning what you think would be the most efficient way to organize it all. Here are some ideas to help you get your clutter organized. Pegboards are a quintessential garage organization tool. They’re simple, cost effective, and adjustable to accommodate many different types of tools.This method also

The Four Week Spring Cleaning Challenge

An interactive calendar by Bin There Dump That to get you through your Spring cleaning! You can download the full guide here . We have broken down the main points below, which you can use to keep yourself on track for a clean home! The first week is for big-picture decluttering! This includes getting rid of things you don't need or use, to cut down on time when it comes to deep clean everything. Day 1: Heavy Lifting Walk through your home and start organizing the large items you don’t need anymore. The simplest way to organize them is to set three categories:  Donate Replace Toss Day 2: Kitchen/Mudroom Take stock of your dishes by emptying your cabinets and shelves. Make a plan for optimizing your kitchen. This may include getting rid of items you have too many multiples of, old or broken cookware.  Day 3: Livingroom, Family Room and Office Any clutter you can remove from these high-traffic areas will make your life easier.

Spring Forward: Ways to Make Up For Your Lost Hour

Hopefully you remembered to show up to work an hour earlier today! Losing a whole 60 minutes of sleep is never fun, but we have some time-saving suggestions to help you cope. Boost your efficiency in every day tasks that will help make up for your lost time! Try using breakfast and lunch recipes you can make ahead of time so that you can simply grab and go! One of the most popular for breakfast are 'overnight oats', which are delicious, quick to make, and filling! Check out this blog for 6 different recipes of overnight oats. For lunches, meal prepping is the most effective tool for saving time and money. Cook in bulk and organize the food into one container for each day of the week. In addition to saving time, this usually results in healthier lunches than simply rushing to grab something on your way out the door or eating out. You can save time on dinners by making a plan at the beginning of the week, so that you can ensure you have everything you need to buy

How to Easily Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

Find yourself wanting to refresh your kitchen but don't want to spend too much of your budget doing it? Here are a few simple and inexpensive things you can do to give your kitchen a new or updated look! There are many beautiful prints made by artists which you can download online, either for free or for a small fee. There are many free prints on Pinterest where you can download and print them yourself. There are also many great prints for the Kitchen on Etsy ,  Minted  and Society6 .  Inexpensive picture frames are easy to find. HomeSense always has unique styles at a reasonable price. If you are looking for something more uniform, Ikea always has it's staple frames in stock. A rug is a simple fix to many problems. Whether it's just to brighten up a dull space, to cover damaged floors, or to provide some extra cushioning for your feet, rugs are a great solution. Some of our favourite places to find a nice rug include HomeSense, Wayfair ,