How to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home


Whether you are moving, renovating, or simply want to refresh the outside of your home, adding curb appeal is always a good idea! It adds to the overall look of the home, and can even increase the value. Most changes and upgrades are inexpensive and can be done yourself, and will go a long way! Check out these tips to add curb appeal to your home.

  • Window boxes with well-maintained flowers dress up any home! If you have more than one window box, coordinate the colours of the flowers in each box to make sure there is symmetry, it will make the space look more put together.

  • Adding or refreshing window shutters are also a great way to dress up your windows. If you are painting your shutters, coordinating the paint colour with the colour of the front door elevates the home.

  • Dress up the front porch by adding a couple of simple elements. A simple bench or chair with a decorative pillow, a welcome mat, or even larger planter with flowers. 

  • Paint your front door. There are two routes you could take with this change. Either choose a subtle colour which matches well with your home’s exterior, or choose an unexpected colour to add an accent. This budget-friendly makeover can be done in just hours for a quick boost to curb appeal

  • Hang a wreath, no matter the season! Many people hang a wreath around the holidays, but they can dress up your door all year round.

  • Coordinate hardware: address numbers, mailboxes, door handles and porch lights are small but they add a lot of polish to your home’s look. Keeping finishes such as these consistent adds to your curb appeal!

  • Landscape lighting: Highlight walkways and trees with landscape lighting. There are even many solar powered options available to help you reduce your energy consumption! Cub appeal doesn’t end when the sun goes down, show off your home at all hours of the day and night!

  • Make sure your gardens are thriving! Taking care of plants you already have, or freshening up the gardens with some new plants significantly increases your curb appeal. 

  • Give planters a defined edge. Whether this means adding an edge with a retaining wall, or ensuring that you use an edger to clean up the edges of your garden. Having an edge both looks nice and keeps all soil and mulch from washing away.

  • Power wash exterior surfaces to give them back some shine! Sometimes you don’t realize how much grime and dirt a surface has accumulated until you start washing it off. Wash off the sides of your home, walkways, front porch, any furniture or benches, even large planters. 

  • Clean up the lawn and walkways. Rake the lawn to clean it of leaves and twigs regularly, and sweep any walkways and patios to keep your home looking clean and well-maintained. For bigger yard cleanups, consider a bin rental to dispose of all materials at once. This way you also won’t need to worry about putting everything into yard waste bags, you can simply toss it straight into the bin! It’s simply the quickest and most convenient way to dispose of almost any type of garbage including yard waste. Click here to fill out a form to receive a free quote!