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Simple Upgrades to Make Your Home Look Custom Built

  We’ve compiled a list of small upgrades to make any home feel custom built. Organized by room, these tips will add a personalized feel to a builder grade or standard home without making any major changes. To dispose of any waste made by your upgrades, consider a bin rental to conveniently get rid of your clutter and waste all at once! To get a quote, simply fill out this form and a representative will respond shortly. Have fun customizing your space! Make builder grade kitchen cabinets look custom. Paint or stain standard or outdated cabinets to make them more unique! Add a pop of colour or refresh the cabinets to make them feel like new. Adding moulding to cabinet doors is also a great way to make cabinets look unique! Add moulding to your kitchen island to give a customized look Replace or paint standard cabinet knobs and pulls. A unique shape or colour gives the impression that your kitchen was custom designed Replace builder grade light fixtures Replace light switches with slee

Ideas To Freshen Up Your Laundry Room

Tired of your drab, boring laundry room? Here are some ways to upgrade your laundry room to make it feel all neat and clean! It is a good idea to keep your colour palette light in this space, as you will most likely want it to feel clean and simple. It’s also important to get rid of any clutter so that you can take full advantage of your space! That is where we recommend you start. Start by taking stock of everything you have in your laundry room, whether it’s products, stored clothing or textiles, and any other miscellaneous items. Consider what you don’t need any longer and the options that you have to donate or toss unwanted items. You can find local donation centres in your area by looking online. Also consider a bin rental to get rid of household junk. This is a convenient and quick way to declutter, with delivery and pick up options for the same day!  Once you have decluttered, start sorting what you have! Consider labeling your baskets, jars or shelves for an easy way to organi