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Bin Rental Mistakes to Avoid

In need of a bin rental for an upcoming project or the aftermath of a current one? You have come to the right place! At Bin There Dump That we offer fast, reliable, and residential friendly bin rentals in a variety of sizes. However, a dumpster rental is not normally something that people are experts on if they have never rented before. We’ve put together a small list of mistakes most frequently made, to make your bin rental experience as easy as possible! Almost anything can go in our bins, however there are a few exceptions! Hazardous and Biohazardous materials are not permitted in the bins, as there are extra charges that will be applied to your invoice to dispose of these materials. This includes: Wet paints Motor oils and car batteries Tires Mattresses & Box springs Propane tanks Biomedical waste Gasoline Explosive or flammable materials Please remember to give us a call to schedule your bin for pick-up, as we do not automatically return at the end of your 7 day rental period.