How to Prepare Your Garage Door for the Winter

Winter always approaches faster than you expect. So it’s never too early to prepare to combat the snowy conditions plus cold temperatures. At Toronto Bin Rental we know that maintaining warmth at home is crucial. The garage door is your house's largest moving part and can let in cold air in winter. Therefore it's important to prepare it for the cold season. The following are guidelines on doing this.Ensure the Hardware is TightenedA normal door goes up and down many times. This implies lots of movement plus vibration, which might make the hardware loose. Check plus tighten the roller brackets. Specialized guides like the has the best tools which you can utilize for this task.Replace Weather Stripping and SealsSet up your home garage door in a way that it holds onto more heat. Begin by examining the seal at the base of your door plus the weather stripping around the garage door. This is important if it’s your own home or your rental property. According to the…

Prep Your Yard for Spring!

As we are now well into spring, you may want to start prepping your yard for the summer if you haven’t already! Rake, tidy, seed and plant to bring your yard back to life! Here are some basic things you can check off your list:

Trees & Shrubs Prune dead and damaged branches. The cold temperatures, harsh winds and snow are all hard on trees and shrubs. Trim down to the live stem to allow for new growth. Prune summer flowering shrubs before buds begin to appear, but allow spring flowering shrubs to flower before pruning.
Perennials and Grasses Prune flowering perennials down to 4-5 inches to allow room for new growth to thrive. If you are looking to divide perennials, now is an excellent opportunity. Where the soil has thawed, dig up parts of the plant in clumps, with at least three stems per clump.  Grasses should be trimmed down to 2-3 inches, and can also be divided at this time.  For climbing plants, remove any older woody stems to allow for newer green stems to flourish.
Tidy around th…

How to Take Advantage of Your Time at Home

During these unprecedented times, we could all use some ideas on how to spend our days at home. Many people are seeing that it was easier to think of things to do during the first week or two of social distancing and working from home, but are now running out of ideas. We’ve compiled a list of ideas below to help spark some inspiration. 

Take advantage of the time available to you! Whether this means indulging and making your favourite recipes that take lots of time to prepare, or taking the time to learn new things! There are many recipes available on Pinterest which will have reviews by people who have tried that recipe. Another blog who frequently posts new and exciting recipes is Serious Eats.They offer recipes for easy and basic meals, to more technical and time-consuming meals. 

If you haven’t done so already, now is a great time to declutter your home, car and office. Take inventory of what needs to be repaired and what should be replaced. Most transfer stations are not accepting…

Q&A: Top 5 Questions Asked When Ordering A Dumpster

We’ve compiled a list of the five most frequently asked questions when placing an order, to save you some time on your next order! See the answers below.

Almost anything! Our bins are used most commonly for home improvement or cleanout projects, but can also be used for roofing jobs, fence and deck demolition, backyard cleaning, construction jobs, and more! 
People are often unsure of whether they can put windows, glass, metal, electronics, and appliances in their bin which they are more than welcome to! The only restrictions we have are on hazardous and bio-hazardous items such as motor oils, car tires, wet paint cans, propane tanks and mattresses. If there are any of these items found in your bin, there will be an extra charge by the transfer station which will appear on your invoice. 

If an order is placed by noon, we will be able to have a bin to you within 2-3 hours. If an order is placed later on in the day, we may be fully booked for the day and be scheduling for the next morning.…

Ideas for Optimizing Your Garage Space

Garages tend to accumulate a lot of junk that we never or rarely use. Your first step would be to sort through what you have stashed in your garage and organize into three piles; keep, toss, and donate. Consider using a bin rental to dispose of what you’ve decided to toss. Things tend to be thrown in the garage because they are bulky or messy. If you’re looking to avoid loading your own car with these materials, a dumpster rental is an excellent solution. Our different bin rental sizes hold the equivalent of three to eight truck bed loads!
Even after you get rid of your garbage, you will most likely still have lots of clutter left. Analyse what you are left with and start planning what you think would be the most efficient way to organize it all. Here are some ideas to help you get your clutter organized.

Pegboards are a quintessential garage organization tool. They’re simple, cost effective, and adjustable to accommodate many different types of tools.This method also makes it easier to…

The Four Week Spring Cleaning Challenge

An interactive calendar by Bin There Dump That to get you through your Spring cleaning! You can download the full guide here. We have broken down the main points below, which you can use to keep yourself on track for a clean home!

The first week is for big-picture decluttering! This includes getting rid of things you don't need or use, to cut down on time when it comes to deep clean everything.

Day 1: Heavy Lifting Walk through your home and start organizing the large items you don’t need anymore. The simplest way to organize them is to set three categories:  Donate Replace Toss
Day 2: Kitchen/Mudroom Take stock of your dishes by emptying your cabinets and shelves. Make a plan for optimizing your kitchen. This may include getting rid of items you have too many multiples of, old or broken cookware. 
Day 3: Livingroom, Family Room and Office