Ideas for Optimizing Your Garage Space

Garages tend to accumulate a lot of junk that we never or rarely use. Your first step would be to sort through what you have stashed in your garage and organize into three piles; keep, toss, and donate. Consider using a bin rental to dispose of what you’ve decided to toss. Things tend to be thrown in the garage because they are bulky or messy. If you’re looking to avoid loading your own car with these materials, a dumpster rental is an excellent solution. Our different bin rental sizes hold the equivalent of three to eight truck bed loads!

Even after you get rid of your garbage, you will most likely still have lots of clutter left. Analyse what you are left with and start planning what you think would be the most efficient way to organize it all. Here are some ideas to help you get your clutter organized.

Pegboards are a quintessential garage organization tool. They’re simple, cost effective, and adjustable to accommodate many different types of tools.This method also makes it easier to find tools later, when everything is neatly out in the open and not tucked away in drawers or bins. There is also an opportunity to use a peg board to attach a magnetic strip for keeping track of smaller items. Magnetic spice containers can be used to organize things such as nails and screws, which we never seem to be able to keep track of. A magnetic strip could also be used to organize drill bits and other items that you usually seem to have trouble finding. Keeping these items organized in separate containers and out in the open for us to see will definitely save you from some future headaches!

Storage doesn’t have to be confined to the ground and walls! Although this may take more time to set-up, overhead storage is fantastic for eliminating the clutter you have in your garage. By using suspended storage, you don't have to sacrifice precious floor space to store items that you will rarely need. This works best if used for large items, and bins of smaller items. Separating the smaller items into bins and labeling those bins will make it easier for both storing, as well as when searching for something later.

If you have multiple shelves or racks of suspended storage available, organize items based on what time of the year you may need access to them. This will also save time when you need to find the items that you had stored up there.

This is a very simple and cost-effective way to reduce clutter that your tools can cause. Having tools with long handles standing and leaning in a corner or against a large object leaves the opportunity for the tools to fall over and hit something else, and simply looks cluttered. Be sure to use PVC pipes that are wide enough for any tools, so that you do not have to allocate specific tools to certain spots. 

Tape can be difficult to find in a cluttered environment! It usually tends to be buried at the bottom of a drawer, or left in the last place you would have thought to look. This DIY tape dispenser is beginner-friendly and will save so much time spent searching for different kinds of tape! Check out this video on YouTube for instructions.