5 Popular Bathroom Design Styles


    Being able to pin down your favourite style will help get your project off to a smooth start.

Check out the descriptions and pictures of these five popular bathroom design styles to inspire your bathroom renovation.

    Industrial design is inspired by factories and warehouses. They are simple, utilitarian spaces that emphasize raw materials and tough fixtures and finishes. It favours practical surfaces, finding beauty in the way things work rather than in surface-level aesthetics.

Key Features:

  • Glass and steel shower enclosure. Black-framed shower doors made of aluminum or steel create a very industrial feel. Carry the black frame colour throughout the bathroom with matte black shower fittings and cabinet hardware.

  • Raw materials such as concrete, stainless steel and brick. Rather than being hidden under drywall and paint as in other design styles, raw materials take a starring role in industrial bathrooms.

  • White subway tile. Subway tile has historically been a popular choice for warehouses
    and commercial spaces because of its durability and reasonable price. Try pairing it with dark grout for more contrast!

  • Exposed pipes and gear-like hardware and faucets. This is an excellent way to give a more industrial feel, especially hardware that is matte black or copper toned. 

Colour Palette: 

  • The raw materials used will form the foundation of the colour palette in an industrial-style bathroom. Colours include:

    • Shades of grey: cement grey, slate, charcoal.

    • Saturated colours: rust orange, brick red, royal blue.

    Traditional bathrooms are timeless, comfortable and elegant. Unlike minimalist modern or trend-conscious bathrooms, traditional bathrooms favour decorative detail and a refined

Key Features:

  • Furniture-style vanity. This includes cabinetry with furniture-style legs, carved door faces and ornate knobs.

  • Elegant stone counters, floors, or wall tiles. Light-hued stones such as marble and quartz work very well. For flooring, consider a stone mosaic basketweave tile. 

  • Antique-style lighting. Lighting in traditional bathrooms often looks as if it would be right at home in an era of the past. This includes chandeliers, classic lanterns and globe-style lighting.

  • Dressing table. Even though this may sound old fashioned, this is a common feature of traditional style bathrooms. Having a place to sit, along with the added counter space is a luxury that will add to your bathroom!

  • Wainscotting and decorative moulding. This adds to the classic feel of a traditional bathroom. Some even use a wallpaper in neutral colours. 

Colour Palette:

  • The colours of traditional style bathrooms tend to be soft and relaxing. Consider:

    • Soft neutrals: cream, beige, taupe, light grey, white.

    • Serene hues: misty pastel blue, blue-grey, soft sage green.

    • Consider deeper shades for a richer look: navy, charcoal, slate, espresso.

    If you’re looking for a balance between rustic and simple modern, farmhouse style may be
what you are looking for. This style values heritage and comfort, and is not the place to try new trends. Farmhouse style today finds beauty in simplicity. 

Key Features:

  • Shaker-style vanity. Shaker-style cabinetry is very well-suited to farmhouse bathrooms, with a modern yet rustic feel. Either painted cabinets or natural wood will both work in this design style.

  • Barn lighting. The industrial, almost vintage effect of barn lighting adds a stylish touch to farmhouse bathrooms. Use pendants and sconces in galvanized steel, or refinish vintage lights with a bold-coloured paint.

  • Wall paneling. Paneling adds architectural interest to the bathroom and sets the farmhouse tone. Options include shiplap paneling, tongue-and-groove paneling, or beadboard paneling. 

  • Sliding barn doors. Even though these were not traditionally used in barns, they have an undeniable farmhouse appeal. It is important however to consider that sliding barn doors do not provide complete privacy.

Colour Palette:

  • Farmhouse bathrooms favour simple, natural colour palettes that compliment rustic wood and leather accents. Look for nature-inspired neutrals and other classic colours:

    • Crisp contrast: white and cream elements with crisp black trim.

    • Natural neutrals: straw, grey, khaki, stone.

    • Other classics: barn red, denim blue, robin’s egg blue, deep green.

    Bohemian style bathrooms use many natural materials and earth-tones. The goal is to use
these natural elements to create an indoor oasis. 

Key Features:

  • Plants. Whether real or fake, plants bring new life to your bathroom oasis. Many tropical indoor plants will thrive in the bathroom as they love the humidity that the shower creates

  • Enthusiastic accent tile. Most commonly this is a teal/blue/green colour, and is used to add an artistic touch to the bathroom. It can be used on either the walls, on the floor, or in the shower.

  • Bold accents & textiles. Opt for colourful rugs, towels, or even a frame collage on a wall in different coloured and sized.

  • Light coloured wood, rattan and wicker. These textures are very popular in pots, vases, and other accessories to give a more boho feel.

Colour Palette:

  • Boho style bathrooms usually use a variety of different colours, from neutrals to earth tones. This can include:

    • Neutrals: beige, cream, white, brown, to balance out any bold tones.

    • Blue, green & teal tones. This can be pulled out of the plants used in the bathroom.

    • Terracotta orange & copper tones.

    If you like a sleek, streamlined look and clean spaces that keep the emphasis on the
architecture, modern style might be what you are looking for. 

Key Features: 

  • Floating vanity. A wall-mounted vanity creates a weightless, streamlined look that works very well in a modern bathroom. For the countertop, opt for quartz, marble, granite or another solid-surface material in a neutral hue.

  • Glass shower enclosure. Glass shower enclosures keep modern bathrooms looking spacious and sleek. If you prefer to have a door rather than an open shower, be sure to use simple, modern hardware that won’t break up the clean lines that the glass creates.

  • Minimalist faucets and hardware. Opt for polished nickel, chrome or matte black to further the modern, minimalist look. Be sure to use the same metal repeated throughout the bathroom for consistency. 

  • Streamlined lighting. Look for sleek wall sconces, lighted mirrors and recessed lighting. Avoiding any bulky or dramatic light fixtures will add to the modern look.

  • Frameless mirrors. Mirrors should be sleek and frameless.

  • Repetition of finishes and materials for a cohesive look. In a modern bathroom, every detail matters! Every detail should be consistent and cohesive.

Colour Palette:

  • The focus of a modern style bathroom is on architecture, which means the colour palette tends toward crisp, clean white, subtle neutrals and black

  • Pops of colour can be incorporated in the form of accessories such as bath towels and plants.