Garage Organization: Keep Your Garage Clutter-Free


    Decluttering and reorganizing your garage is a large task that can take quite a bit of time, depending on where your starting point is. But the return is very rewarding! You will save time in the future when searching for specific items, find items you forgot that you have, and declutter a significant amount of things you don’t need. Plan a weekend to tackle this project and use these tips to get it done. You’ll thank yourself later!

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   There’s no need to rush out to get a bunch of trending organizing tools like matching bins and tupperware that can cost you an arm and a leg. Make use of everything that you already have before deciding what you need. 

    That being said, if after taking stock of bins, shelves, and hooks that you already have, you are unhappy with the look of your storage system, you still don’t need to rush to the store! Consider that not all bins and shelves will be visible, and you can plan items that you use the least to be placed in the less desirable bins behind/under other items. You can also use spray paint to refinish any bins, shelves, or hooks! 

    If that still doesn’t leave you satisfied, there are so many options for storage systems at your local hardware store, home organization store, Amazon, Ikea, and more! Before you purchase any storage materials, make sure you take stock of what you have to get a solid idea of what you need. The two most important features you’ll need to know are; accessibility and capacity. The more you try to fit into one area, the more difficult it can be to find or reach items. Make sure the storage system you choose will make items easily accessible.

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   You are bound to find things that you will need to get rid of during your cleanout. Make things easier on yourself and consider renting a bin to dispose of all materials at once! Avoid having to make multiple trips to the dump yourself, and instead have a dumpster delivered right to your driveway. Any household items, leftover building materials, old electronics, appliances, glass, metal, and other waste can all be mixed together in the same bin. 

    To learn more about the different bin rental sizes available, or to see our unique board system that will protect your driveway, visit our website! For a quote, simply fill out this form and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.

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   To make things easier on yourself when looking for items in the future, it is best to establish zones in your garage. This can include categories such as; holiday decorations, hardware tools, sports equipment, yard work tools, etc. 

    Plan which category you would like going in which space based on what type of storage these items will need, how frequently you will need to access them, and how much space they will take up. For example, holiday decorations that are only used once a year can be put behind/underneath other items that you’ll use more frequently such as yard work tools. It will also make your life easier if you arrange items based on what time of year you will be needing them.

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    Taking full advantage of wall and ceiling space not only helps to optimize storage space, but

will also help your garage feel less cluttered! There are so many options for vertical storage for many items. This Includes shelving units, racks, hooks, pegboards and more. A simple search on Pinterest will give you endless ideas for vertical storage. One solution that seems very practical for storing many different types of items are pegboard walls. These can be adjusted at any time, and can be used to insert hooks, shelving, baskets, whatever you need.