Garden Trends For 2021


    Summer 2020 and 2021 have been a huge year for people upgrading their outdoor space! With most people spending more time than usual at home, they might as well turn their yard into a quarantine friendly ‘getaway’! A big part of making an outdoor space look and feel more luxurious is having gardens that are functional and beautiful. We’ve compiled a list of the trends for gardens in 2021 to help inspire you. Whether your garden project is large or small, consider a bin rental to help you with your project! Bin rentals are a quick and convenient way to dispose of any materials; dirt, sod, garden debris, brush, old patio furniture - almost anything!

    Many people are turning to wildflower gardens for two main reasons:

  1. Traditional lawns and gardens take more time and money to maintain, with limited environmental benefits. Wildflower gardens are low maintenance, require very little water, and do not require a green thumb!

  2. It is proven to be more environmentally friendly! Wild gardens are better for rainwater retention which helps to avoid flooding. They also create a haven for bees, butterflies, and birds, increasing the biodiversity.

    Raised garden beds are an asset to smaller spaces. These smaller spaces also make it easier to control your soil’s water and chemical balances.

    Here is a budget friendly DIY tutorial from Rocky Hedge Farm to create a cheap and easy garden bed!

Benefits to raised garden beds:

  • Not as many weeds as in a ground garden

  • Help to deter pets and wild animals from getting into your plants

  • More control over nutrients in the soil and moisture levels

  • Adds to the aesthetic of your space! Use materials or stain that fits with your space

    White gardens with darker green foliage as a backdrop has become increasingly popular this year! This will help to avoid colours clashing with other outdoor furniture and décor, and keeps the garden feeling nice and calm.

    Some of the most popular white flowers and foliage include: tulips, hydrangeas, peonies, silver dust, and zinnia. If you’re looking for more ideas check out this article by HGTV on white and ivory flowers.

    Vegetable and herb gardens are making a comeback! Though this certainly is not a new concept, it continues to rise in popularity. Many are pointing to people spending more time at home this year as a reason, because this means more time to be able to allocate to gardening! Vegetables and herbs can be much more time consuming than regular perennials and annuals, so they need a bit more commitment. That being said, it can be very rewarding getting to use the ingredients that you have grown yourself!

    Not feeling so confident in your green thumb? No problem, not all vegetables require expert experience. Check  out this blog post by The Free Range Life for a list of vegetables that are beginner-friendly.

    With most people spending more time at home, creating a sitting area in gardens is definitely on the rise this year. Whether it’s with swings, hammocks, sectionals, or chairs, people want to be able to enjoy the fruits of their labour!

    Create a space that is both comfortable and functional for you that shows off your gardens. For a detailed guide on creating a backyard oasis, check out this blog post from Anita’s Corner for inspiration!