Upcycling Projects For Your Home Reno


Background image source: Scout & Nimble

    Here at Bin There Dump That we help people get rid of waste from their projects as quickly and conveniently as possible. Our residential friendly bin rentals help you dispose of your mixed renovation and household material all at once. However, have you ever considered how much of that waste can be repurposed? Upcycling is an excellent way of using materials you already have to create and update products while being both budget and environmentally friendly!

Upcycle (verb):
Reuse in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original


    We’ve compiled a list of ideas on how to use common renovation and household items to refresh your space. Check out these project ideas!

Image source: Man Made DIY

    Check out this tutorial from Man Made DIY, showing how you can use leftover flooring scraps to create new cabinet doors! The beauty of designing your own doors means that you can arrange the pieces in whatever pattern you’d like, and paint or stain the wood to fit with your space.

    All you'll need for this project is an old cabinet, leftover flooring, some plywood, two handles/pulls of your choice, and some basic tools. Man Made DIY's tutorial outlines instructions to build the entire cabinet, however you can simply skip ahead to the instructions for the doors.

Image source: Lebois Home

    Same idea but a different piece! Use leftover wood flooring to create a butcher block effect countertop. See this tutorial to see how Domestic Imperfection created their countertop out of leftover wood flooring. You can also use leftover tile from a floor, shower, or backsplash to create a countertop.

    All you'll need to follow Domestic Imperfection's tutorial is a plywood base, leftover wood flooring, wood glue, stain colour of your choice, and some basic tools. The nice thing about creating your own countertop from scratch is that it can be the exact size, shape, design and colour that you'd like!

Image source: Scout & Nimble

    Refinishing furniture instead of buying it new will save you a significant amount of budget, and give you the freedom to create exactly what you need for your space! Pinterest is a fantastic place for inspiration, with thousands of tutorials on furniture flips. Take the opportunity to create an accent piece by using a bold colour or design, or using unique knobs/pulls on drawers and cupboards.

    Check out this dresser makeover by Lily Ardor who transformed a stained and white-washed dresser she found at a garage sale for only $25! After a bit of work, she ended up with a gorgeous teal dresser with gold accents.

Image Source: A Piece of Rainbow

    Palettes are generally something that people find themselves trying to get rid of after a renovation project, as so many materials come on these skids. There are so many possibilities for upcycling palettes, try a quick Pinterest search!

    We loved these tutorials from A Piece of Rainbow which uses palettes to create multiple variations of rustic-style coffee tables. If this look isn't your style, keep in mind that you can always paint of stain the wood to match your décor.

Image source: Scout & Nimble

    Instead of replacing all current cabinetry, simply refinish what you have. This can mean re-staining, painting, refreshing hardware, whatever works for you! If keeping current cabinets isn’t an option or if you’re starting from scratch.. Check Facebook Marketplace for used ones! Same goes for the hardware, a can a spray paint can go a long way on used and/or outdated knobs and pulls.

    One of the biggest trends this year for kitchen cabinets is using shades of muted green and teal. This article from Scout & Nimble outlines some of the most popular green paint colours currently.