10 Things Making Your Home Feel Cluttered


    Have you tried decluttering your home but for some reason it still feels cluttered? Having a decluttered home means more than simply making sure everything is put away in its place. But first things first, consider renting a residential-friendly bin to dispose of any clutter you have laying around the house. After you’ve gotten rid of everything that you don’t use and is taking up unnecessary space, consider these things that may be making your home feel more cluttered!

    Whether in the kitchen, dining area, bathroom, nightstands or dressers, avoid collecting clutter on these surfaces. Utilize cabinets and drawers to the best of your ability! Clutter can accumulate very quickly on flat open spaces, so be sure that everything has a spot to prevent that buildup.

    In the kitchen, avoid leaving too many appliances and cooking tools on the counter. Store them in the cupboards or drawers and only keep things out when you are using them. In bedrooms, don’t over-accessorize nightstands and dressers. Too many decorations can quickly create a feeling of clutter.  

    Minimize your décor, not every inch of wall space needs to be decorated and not every book you own needs to be on display. Start by removing outdated photos and décor items, then decide if your space still looks too cluttered. Every room should have space for the eyes to ‘rest’, meaning not every wall must be decorated. 

    One common tip used by interior designers is if you want to hang picture frames on an empty wall, opt for a couple of large frames rather than a variety of smaller ones. This gives the wall a classier look and makes the wall feel less cluttered.

    Excessive magnets, coupons, pictures, paperwork, etc. on the fridge doors adds clutter to your kitchen. If you must keep things on your fridge, try to keep them tucked on the sides so that they aren’t noticeable. You’ll be surprised how much a clean fridge door can add to the overall feel of the kitchen!

    The entryway is the first thing that guests see when they enter your home, give them a good first impression! The easiest way to tidy an entryway is to add baskets so that any clutter is hidden. Also ensure that shoes do not accumulate at the front door. Designate a closet or other space tucked away for the shoes to go. The entryway also tends to accumulate paperwork from dropping mail and other things in your hands as soon as you walk in the door. Try to avoid doing so, but if you must make sure there is a drawer or basket to place things in so that it looks less cluttered. 

    Decorative throw pillows are a great touch to living areas and bedrooms, and are easily interchangeable depending on the season and changing trends. However, be careful not to overdo it with the pillows, as they can overpower the furniture very quickly. 

    Also be sure not to have too many different colours and patterns going on in the same room. If you would like the space to feel open and decluttered, opt for solid colours rather than a pattern.

    This is a very quick way to overcrowd any room and make the entire space feel cluttered, no matter how you rearrange the furniture. Before buying or planning the layout of your furniture, be sure to also consider any floor lamps and artwork that will be in the space. Ideally, everything in the room should compliment each other, not compete with each other. Don’t forget about planning for an area rug as well if you will be adding one!

    Exposed shelving and cabinetry has become an increasingly popular home design trend, and for good reason! They make any space feel more classy and organized. However if overcrowded, they make the space feel cluttered. Whether the open storage is meant to be strictly decorative, or serves a functional purpose, be sure not to have too many items on one shelf. If you have too many of the items or they are all mismatched, it may be better to place those things in a cupboard or drawer to avoid feeling cluttered. 

    Keep counter space and floorboards clear and organized by tucking away any visible wires, power bars, routers, etc. A great way to hide these items is using a woven basket. This way you can feed wires through the basket into the outlet, while keeping loose wires and electronics out of sight!

    Whether it’s dirty laundry overflowing over the hamper, or clean laundry sitting in baskets, keep on top of it! Even if the laundry is clean and folded, it is still adding clutter to your space, so put it away as soon as you can. Out of place baskets of clothing will stand out, especially if you have otherwise decluttered the space. 

    One of the most basic rules of decluttering, but it’s a staple for a reason! This is the simplest way to avoid the accumulation of objects commonly left out because they do not have a convenient spot to store them. Designating a spot makes it easy and convenient to put things away, and will help make your space feel clutter-free!