Four Week Spring Cleaning Challenge


Struggling with where to start with your Spring cleaning? Or overwhelmed with the amount of work that lies ahead? We’ve created a Four Week Spring Cleaning Challenge to simplify your clean! Over the four weeks, you will manage to clean and declutter every inch of your home. By breaking down into four weeks, the task of a whole home cleaning seems far less overwhelming. Click here to read the full day-by-day guide!

Declutter declutter declutter! Get rid of items taking up unnecessary space in your home before you start cleaning. There's no point in deep cleaning things you will be tossing. Organize items into categories: donate, replace, or toss. 

  • Day 1: The heavy lifting

  • Day 2: Kitchen/mudroom

  • Day 3: Living room, family room and office

  • Day 4: Bedrooms

  • Day 5: Bathrooms

  • Day 6: Bonus rooms and closets

  • Day 7: Let go! Consider a bin rental to get rid of waste quickly and easily.

Time to get cleaning! Vacuum, mop, dust and sanitize. Make sure to deep-clean your furniture and mattresses, they collect just as much dust and grime as the other surfaces in your home. Clean windows, trim, ceiling fans and light fixtures - make sure you get every inch of the room!

  • Day 1: Living room

  • Day 2: Master bedroom

  • Day 3: Other bedrooms

  • Day 4: Office or bonus rooms

  • Day 5: Closets

  • Day 6: Fixtures and other features

  • Day 7: Down low, up high

Time to get down and dirty. Even if you clean these spaces consistently, they are the rooms that are most likely to collect the most dirt, dust and microscopic debris. Make sure that you move what you can to get behind appliances and fixtures!

  • Day 1: Kitchen

  • Day 2: Kitchen 2.0

  • Day 3: Bathrooms

  • Day 4: Bathrooms 2.0

  • Day 5: Garage

  • Day 6: Mudroom or Laundry Room

  • Day 7: Your pick!

Some homes need more attention in certain spaces than others, this week allows you to finish any spaces not covered in the first 3 weeks. It also covers things we sometimes don't think to deep clean such as hallways, carpets, and outdoor equipment/furniture.

  • Day 1: Basement

  • Day 2: Attic

  • Day 3: Hallways & other rooms

  • Day 4: Carpet cleaning

  • Day 5: Special maintenance

  • Day 6: Safety checks

  • Day 7: Outdoor equipment