Ideas To Freshen Up Your Laundry Room

Tired of your drab, boring laundry room? Here are some ways to upgrade your laundry room to make it feel all neat and clean! It is a good idea to keep your colour palette light in this space, as you will most likely want it to feel clean and simple. It’s also important to get rid of any clutter so that you can take full advantage of your space! That is where we recommend you start.

Start by taking stock of everything you have in your laundry room, whether it’s products, stored clothing or textiles, and any other miscellaneous items. Consider what you don’t need any longer and the options that you have to donate or toss unwanted items. You can find local donation centres in your area by looking online. Also consider a bin rental to get rid of household junk. This is a convenient and quick way to declutter, with delivery and pick up options for the same day! 

Once you have decluttered, start sorting what you have! Consider labeling your baskets, jars or shelves for an easy way to organize. Chalkboard labels are a great and inexpensive option, you can find them at your local dollar store or craft store. This way you can also easily re-do the labels if you want to change things up.

Adding a countertop or island space to use as a folding area makes the space feel much more open and decluttered. This space can also be used to add some style to your laundry room! Whether you decide to do a butcher block for a more rustic look, or a classic marble, it will elevate the space! Not to mention how useful it will be when it comes time to start folding.

A sink is not only a very practical thing to have in the laundry room, but is also a great place to add to the design of the room! If you currently have a standard utility sink that isn’t the nicest to look at, you can avoid completely replacing it by creating a faux cabinet. Here is a simple tutorial on how to create your own faux cabinet!

If you have the opportunity, adding a sink with a unique vanity or standout fixtures to spice things up! A well designed sink area can easily become the focal point of your laundry room.

Adding a backsplash to one wall or area of your laundry room is a great way to make your space feel more complete, while adding to the overall aesthetic of the room! It is recommended that you stick to a light colour palette, so that the room feels bigger and cleaner. Opting for a unique tile adds another element to the room! Experiment with different shapes like hexagons, or adding vertical rectangles rather than horizontal.

Rather than creating makeshift hooks when it comes time to hang your delicates, designate a drying area! A quick and easy solution is to install tension rods to the ceiling or under a cabinet. There are however more creative options available now! People have gotten creative with fold down drying racks attached to a wall or cabinet, or even a pull out drawer rack.