How to Prepare Your Garage Door for the Winter

Winter always approaches faster than you expect. So it’s never too early to prepare to combat the snowy conditions plus cold temperatures. 

At Toronto Bin Rental we know that maintaining warmth at home is crucial. The garage door is your house's largest moving part and can let in cold air in winter. Therefore it's important to prepare it for the cold season. The following are guidelines on doing this.

Ensure the Hardware is Tightened

A normal door goes up and down many times. This implies lots of movement plus vibration, which might make the hardware loose. Check plus tighten the roller brackets. Specialized guides like the has the best tools which you can utilize for this task.

Replace Weather Stripping and Seals

Set up your home garage door in a way that it holds onto more heat. Begin by examining the seal at the base of your door plus the weather stripping around the garage door. This is important if it’s your own home or your rental property. According to the Toronto residential property managers at Buttonwood, it is the landlord’s responsibility to keep the property maintained, comfortable and efficient, so setting up the garage door properly is paramount.

Weather stripping plus seals are mostly damaged by:

  • Moisture changes
  • Damages from impacts
  • Corrosion from sand
  • The opening and closing of the door.


Since most garages are connected to a home, they end up sharing at least one wall, thus having a great impact on the heating plus cooling of those homes. Therefore, it would be ideal if you insulate your garage door. Nevertheless, it relies upon where you reside plus the way in which you utilize your garage door.

In case the garage door acts as your home’s main entrance plus exit, then it would be ideal for you to insulate the wall between your garage and the remainder of your house.

For all homeowners, having an insulated garage door is something which you should consider. As insulation technology keeps on improving, these doors continue to be affordable plus efficient. Insulation will result in low energy bills plus creates a conducive living or working environment in your garage during winter. 

Examine the Rollers

The door’s rollers are supposed to be checked at least twice in a year and replaced after around 7 years, particularly if you’re using the garage more often. You ought to replace rollers which are worn out or chipped. This can be achieved by getting rid of and reinstalling roller brackets which aren’t directly attached to the cable system.

Inspect the Cables

Do not mess with the cables which lift the door since they possess adequate force to injure or even kill. Nonetheless, you can inspect their state so that you recognize when to engage an expert. Look out for broken strands plus any destruction close to the bottom roller bracket.

Examine the Batteries

  • Always examine your batteries.
  • Ensure the batteries in the opener plus remote opener possess full power.
  • In the event that the batteries are dead or are dying, ensure you replace them to prevent any breakdowns.

Assess the Balance of Your Door

A door which is not well balanced may be strenuous on the door opener, thus implying that it might not operate like it’s supposed to or last for long. In order to check the balance, disconnect it from the opener then move it up and down manually to ensure the track isn’t being blocked by anything. Move it up a bit to see what occurs.

If it just moves back and forth for a moment, it’s likely balanced. On the other hand, if it falls fast or rolls up, it may be an indication that there’s no balance. Doors which aren’t balanced mostly fall because of the springs losing tension. With regards to rebalancing the door, the ideal thing to do is to seek the services of an expert.

Observe the Garage Door and Listen

Look at the door while it’s opening and closing. It’s a crucial preventive measure to take. Find out if it’s moving effortlessly or not. Also, check if it's moving quietly or it’s making some noise or something is amiss.

Sensors Should Be Clean

Garage doors nowadays possess safety features which assist in preventing them from closing on things beneath them. It’s an ideal method of ensuring kids aren’t injured or a vehicle isn’t damaged. Nevertheless, these features do not work efficiently if the sensors are unclean. Objects such as heaps of leaves can make your sensors not work properly. The sensors’ lenses shouldn’t be covered with any dirt. The bottom of your door should also be free from things like leaves plus other debris.

  • You should lubricate the moving parts. Lubricating the door parts will make certain your door works efficiently.
  • Lubricating usually doesn’t take long.
  • Utilize a spray lubricant for coating the moving sections.


A garage door is one of the crucial entrances to your home. Adequate maintenance is paramount because it will help in maintaining warmth during winter. Keep in mind that you should hire experts for complex repair jobs.