Bathroom Upgrades That Only *Look* Expensive


Your bathroom is your sanctuary, and it’s important to make it feel like it! Follow these few tips to upgrade your bathroom’s look on a limited budget.

The easiest way to upgrade any space is to declutter! Make sure that everything has a place, and there aren’t lots of things gathered on counters. Baskets and bins are a great way to make your space look more organized, even if it is just tossed into bins and tucked away on a shelf or under a vanity. Toss or donate items that don’t have any use and are taking up unnecessary space. This includes the dozens of bottles of unused bath products hiding under your sink or in a linen closet! To dispose of things quickly and conveniently, consider a bin rental. A bin is placed in your driveway for you to toss and clutter that you want gone, including bath products, towels and other textiles, old mirrors and vanities, even an old toilet! To get a quote or for more information, simply fill out this form and one of our representatives will be happy to help.

Custom shelves and towel racks are a very simple and inexpensive way to make your bathroom look more complete. A simple way to make shelves would be to use scrap pieces of wood, even live-edge slabs to add a rustic feel. The only other thing you would need are brackets, which are inexpensive and available at any home improvement or home décor store. You can even reuse old brackets and freshen them up by spray paint them to make them look more modern!

DIY towel racks also add to your bathroom, and are very easy to create! This tutorial shows you how to make a rack out of a wooden rod and curtain rod brackets. This could also be as simple as screwing hooks into a piece of wood before mounting it onto the wall to add a more professional look.

Upgrading your builder’s grade mirror is very simple! You can either purchase something more modern for a decent price, or simply add a frame to your existing mirror. Simply adding stained or raw pieces of wood around the edges of your mirror to make it look like a huge upgrade! The wood could either be laid flat against the mirror, or perpendicular to the mirror to add a small ledge.

If replacing these things is out of your budget, simply buy a can of metallic spray paint to make them look brand new! Be sure to read the instructions and do a couple of coats of the paint to ensure that it is applied evenly. Also be sure to buy a top coat or seal to apply at the end to make sure they are set to withstand the humidity.

To create a more spa-like luxurious feel, add some plants to your bathroom! If you have a window in your bathroom, real plants will thrive in the humidity that your shower makes. Even artificial plants add to your space. For ideas on what type of plants would be best in your place, speak to someone at your local plant store or nursery!